Ann Arbor Bleep Bloop Collective

Ann Arbor Bleep Bloop Collective
Midlife crisis in a box.

The Ann Arbor Bleep Bloop Collective (or the a2b2c for short) is a beginners-friendly electronic hardware music group that meets at least once a month around the area. We are primarily focused on Eurorack and related hardware, but hardware of all types are welcome, including laptops running software. The real goal is to meet local musicians, hobbyists, designers, and artists of all persuasions, and participate in the local arts and music scene. We are newbie friendly by design - as long as it's music related, we are happy to try to help. We know hardware synthesis can be daunting, especially in a world where plenty of people make music on just a laptop, or even a smartphone.

We usually meet once a month on a given Saturday around the area, usually at the downtown Ann Arbor library. We discuss when and where to meet on our google groups mailing list . The mailing list is free to join, but do be mindful that it sometimes gets caught in your email's spam filter. You'll have to fish it out.

We work closely with the North Coast Modular Collective, which is the Ann Arbor area's first group dedicated to modular synthesis, and the most well organized. We collaborate with them on meetups and events around the area, and we also hang out on their discord.

Speaking of discords, it could be argued that the a2b2c is a smaller part of a larger modular community, the Earth Modular Society. EMS is a global community of eurorack fans with the goal of becoming a 24/7 streaming live music channel. We have dozens of streamers performing every day of the week on our twitch and youtube channels. It is a very welcoming community.